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Bringing Water Hope, One SHAmmy at a Time: A Success Story

#MySHAmmy Water Project A Success Story Blog Header

In a world often filled with challenges, setbacks, and hurdles, it’s truly heartwarming to witness the power of collective action and compassion. Today, we’re bursting with pride to share the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon with the SHAmory community and the Built With Bitcoin Foundation. What started as a simple idea blossomed into a tangible […]

New #GiftASHAmmy Bundle Sponsors

#GiftASHAmmy Satoshi Africa Plush Blog Header - Bundle Sponsors

The SHAmory and Built With Bitcoin Foundation teams are thrilled to welcome four new #GiftASHAmmy bundle sponsors! Over the past month Emeralize, Oshi, Ten31 and the combo of Brad Mills and Becca Amilee have supported our #MySHAmmy water project by gifting a total of 84 SHAmmy’s to kids in Africa. The smiles that these SHAmmy’s […]