Once BITten Podcast: Listen Now!

Once BITten Podcast

We all know the old saying, “you’ll always remember your first”. Well, for us we will forever remember the first time being invited on a podcast. This is why we couldn’t have been more grateful to Daniel Prince for inviting us on his Once BITten Podcast.

For those that don’t know Daniel, you can find him on Twitter dropping fire about education, homeschooling, travel, family…and of course, Bitcoin! Daniel’s backstory is amazing. After living and working in Singapore for 15 years he and his wife came to the sudden realization that something was broken. Life wasn’t what they wanted it to be and they faced some monumental decisions. Ultimately they decided to leave a country they called home. They sold almost everything they owned and took their 4 kids out of school and jumped on a plane.

Fast-forward a few years and they ended up traveling the world non-stop using the sharing economy. This included home swapping and World Schooling their kids. They completed over 60 swaps in over 16 countries across 4 continents! Amazing, I know. If you want to learn more about this, pop over and purchase his Forbes recognized book, “Choose Life: The Tools, Tricks, and Hacks of Long-Term Family Travellers, Worldschoolers and Digital Nomads

Back to the business at hand, the podcast. We were able to have a wide-ranging conversation about public accounting (don’t worry, it makes sense, trust us), working in the edtech space and how those two things helped spur the creation of SHAmory. So head on over to download it and give your ears something new to listen to!

TIP: There’s a secret discount code dropped in the episode, so listen to the Once BITten podcast closely and come back to make your purchase!

What is SHAmory?

Shamory is a Bitcoin card game for kids and adults. It is the perfect mixture of fun and education for anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin. Learn the basics of how mining works while earning Bitcoin rewards for each block you mine.

SHAmory players will not only have a blast while playing, they will also be exposed to key features that have kept the Bitcoin network secure over the past decade. This simple exposure will help individuals become more comfortable with Bitcoin and create the next generation of Bitcoin HODLers. So grab a friend or two and start mining today!

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