SHAmory Bitcoin Education Fundraiser

SHAmory Bitcoin Education Fundraiser

UPDATE: We thank everyone who took the time to donate to this fundraiser. Your support is greatly appreciated! While we are sad to not reach the full funding goal in order to create this specific project, we will be putting the funds to use to support our goal to build a watering well with the Built With Bitcoin Foundation. Read more here.

Since launching the SHAmory bitcoin card game in 2020 and our Goodnight Bitcoin book in 2021, we have had the pleasure of sending games and books around the world to help kids and adults learn about bitcoin in a fun way. Over that time we have seen a rapidly growing demand for additional curriculum around our products to help take the knowledge learned to the next level. We have been lucky enough to meet many bitcoin educators who are working to help spread adoption worldwide. This includes work in Africa, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Slovakia and more. To help support these efforts, we have created a Tallycoin fundraiser to assist in the development of two educational projects:

  1. A series of five short educational videos that help teach some of the key concepts about bitcoin mining that are built into our game.
  2. A bitcoin education section on our website that will host additional curriculum, both created internally by us as well as others who would like to make their curriculum available for others to use. This new area of our website and the curriculum would be free for anyone to access and use. 

Overview of Videos

The videos will be 1 – 2 minutes long and will be animated using our fan favorite bitcoin monsters. The five video topics will be:

  1. What is bitcoin?
  2. What is a bitcoin miner?
  3. How is a block mined?
  4. What is a difficulty adjustment?
  5. What is an attack?

The videos will come to life through the help of fellow bitcoiner, Rob Wallace, and his awesome video creation skills. The videos will be made publicly available and free to share far and wide to help educate around the world. 

Use of Funds

The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise the necessary funds needed in order to have the videos created and professionally edited as well as the creation of the new education section on the website (both content and website development). The first 50% raised ($2,000) will go towards the videos with the second 50% ($2,000) to be used on the website. 100% of the funds will go towards these two causes with no proceeds kept by the SHAmory team. Should we end up raising funds beyond our goal, the additional amount raised will be used to create additional videos, curriculum or will be donated to bitcoin education causes such as our partners at the Built with Bitcoin Foundation. We will fully disclose where these additional funds go should the need arise. 

If you represent a bitcoin company interested in supporting the fundraiser with a donation of $500 or more, we would be happy to discuss co-branding of the content created.

Don’t hesitate to reach out ( with any questions and thanks in advance for the support!

What is SHAmory?

SHAmory is one of the leading providers of Bitcoin educational products for all ages. Our flagship product, SHAmory, is a STEM Authenticated Bitcoin card game for kids and adults. Selected as Best in STEM 2021 by Newsweek magazine and, it is the perfect mixture of fun and education for anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin. Learn the basics of how mining works while earning Bitcoin rewards for each block you mine. SHAmory players will not only have a blast while playing, they will also be exposed to key features that have kept the Bitcoin network secure over the past decade. This simple exposure will help individuals become more comfortable with Bitcoin and create the next generation of Bitcoin HODLers. 

SHAmory’s most recent product is the kids book and movie, Goodnight Bitcoin. Goodnight Bitcoin tells the story of Satoshi and Hal as they attempt to create the impossible, a new money called Bitcoin. You can purchase any of our products directly on our website. Be sure to follow @PlaySHAmory on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.