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Purchase a Satoshi Africa SHAmmy to be gifted to a child in Africa. Or kick it up a notch by purchasing a bundle package to sponsor an entire classroom!

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African kids with SHAmmy's
African kids with SHAmmy's

Our first water well has been built!

Members of the Muyoboro Village at their new water well.

Each SHAmmy gifted gets us one step closer to funding a new watering well!


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How It Works


You Gift a SHAmmy

Choose from our individual or bundle gift options.


We Handle Delivery

No legwork needed on your end! The SHAmory team will take care of packing and shipping your SHAmmy off to the Built With Bitcoin team.


Built With Bitcoin Provides Them to a Child in Africa

Throughout the year the Built With Bitcoin team will deliver SHAmmy’s to children throughout Africa.


All Bundle Gifts Include

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Two easy Gifting Options

Individual Gifts

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21% donated to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation to help build a water well!

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Bundle Gifts

Gift 25 and SHAmory will gift an extra 5!

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21% donated to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation to help build a water well!

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Purchase your gift in time for the next delivery to africa

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation team will be making their next delivery to the kids in Africa in Q4 2023. Purchase your gift by December 1st to have it get in a child’s hands during this trip.


The #MySHAmmy Mission

We are taking our partnership with the Built With Bitcoin Foundation to the next level by launching the #MySHAmmy project with a goal of raising $7,000, which would fund an entire new watering well in a rural community in Africa.

With 21% of the gross sale of each SHAmmy donated directly to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, the lives that our Bitcoin monsters can help support grows exponentially.  

From the SHAmory and Built With Bitcoin Foundation teams, we thank you for your support of this important and life changing mission!

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Proof of work

The SHAmory and Built With Bitcoin Foundation have enjoyed partnering together since 2021. Since that time SHAmory plushies, books and games have brought smiles to the faces of the kids in the schools and communities that Built With Bitcoin supports. In 2022, a percentage of SHAmory sales at the Bitcoin 2022 conference helped build a new water well in a rural African community. In 2023 we launched the #MySHAmmy project and in 2024 we successfully funded and built a water well in the Muyoboro Village, Rwanda. 

Take a glimpse at some of our past work together below.

Learn About The Built With Bitcoin Foundation

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation is a humanitarian organization devoted to creating equitable opportunity by providing clean water, access to quality education, sustainable farming, and humanitarian support—all powered by Bitcoin.

They aim to build 100 communities, improving the physical, mental, environmental, and financial health of those in need—one Bitcoin at a time.

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