Do Kids Understand Bitcoin Better Than You?

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We know you hear some version of, “But Bitcoin is just too hard to understand!” All. The. Time. Let’s be honest, most of the time this is coming from the, how should we put this…folks with a bit more grey in their hair. But what about kids? The ones that don’t come with preexisting baggage about what money is and are open (and excited!) about new ideas and innovation. Surely Bitcoin must be too hard for them to understand too, right?

We know that if you are reading this email, given the fact you are already a fan of SHAmory, you probably know the correct answer to all of this. Kids LOVE learning about Bitcoin! To put this to the test, we teamed up with Julian Figueroa, a group of amazing kids, their parents, a Bitcoin expert AND our lovely Bitcoin monsters to put all of this to the test.

Sit back. Relax. Hit play!