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Toss away the typical pens, USB drives and shirts. It’s time to upgrade your marketing swag to the Bitcoin card game and book everyone is talking about! Your company will be the talk of the next conference or event the moment you start handing out games of SHAmory or Goodnight Bitcoin books. Studies say that gifts that can be brought home to the kids are the #1 thing conference attendees want. So make every family happy by giving them a gift that will turn game night or reading time into Bitcoin family fun, all thanks to you!

This is my family’s favorite game! A must-have for any group, young or old, who wants to bring bitcoin into the conversation. My 3 and almost 6 year olds love to find the little fun Bitcoin Monsters. I think this game is a wonderful way for me to hone my memory in a fun and active way with my kids. To boot, the team is quick to ship and always responsive, which has made SHAmory a household favorite. I even sent out a free deck to everyone on my Christmas card list. I love this game!

Ryan / Parent

This is the best way to help young kids, yourself and noob adults to learn more about Bitcoin in a fun and entertaining way. The game has even been certified by STEM and is completely unique to the space.

Get on board, start helping your loved ones learn about Bitcoin and to start stacking sats.

Let’s go!

Daniel Prince / Once BITten Podcast

SHAmory is an incredible game and company! They are leading the way in teaching the next generation about sound money. The monsters are absolutely adorable and engaging and make it fun for folks of all ages! Highly recommend snagging these – they are perfect for a family or friends night in!

Desiree / MintGox