Blockchain Enterprises Podcast: Listen Now!

Take a virtual trip with us across the pond to London as we connect with the Blockchain Enterprises podcast! In this episode host Digi rolls out the welcome mat to discuss all things SHAmory. Listen as we discuss the experience of building a business from concept to launch and the thrill of the first sale.

A key theme that comes up when discussing the launch of SHAmory is the concept of skills transferability. Scott, the creator of SHAmory, has professional experience in public accounting and education technology. Those two things may sounds unrelated to Bitcoin and a card game. But really, there’s a close connection. Trust and verifiability are key to public accounting, especially the field of audit. Sound familiar? Those same two key concepts that have kept the Bitcoin network alive for over a decade. The world of education technology is centered around disruptive technologies that will support lifelong learners. What else is disrupting a massive industry? Bitcoin!

Don’t hesitate and listen to the whole Blockchain Enterprises podcast episode here today! A big thanks to Digi and the Blockchain Enterprise team for having us. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast. And remember to use code bepodcast10 for 10% off you order.

What is SHAmory?

Shamory is a Bitcoin card game for kids and adults. It is the perfect mixture of fun and education for anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin. Learn the basics of how mining works while earning Bitcoin rewards for each block you mine.

SHAmory players will not only have a blast while playing, they will also be exposed to key features that have kept the Bitcoin network secure over the past decade. This simple exposure will help individuals become more comfortable with Bitcoin and create the next generation of Bitcoin HODLers. So grab a friend or two and start mining today!

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