As Heard On: Between Two ASICs and Orange Pill Addicts

Between Two ASICs and Orange Pill Addicts

Are your ears feeling a little lonely? Well then you’re in luck! The SHAmory team has been on two different shows that have recently dropped. 

First up, we (reluctantly) joined Tatum Turn Up (turnip?) on his podcast, err, we mean YouTube show Between Two ASICs. We are reluctant to make you all aware of this given the ongoing legal battle over the release of the video since this is not the type of show we would ever agree to do. But since it’s out there, you might as well watch it to enjoy Tatum having a nice little monster scare. What a baby he is. 

Next up, we had a great time chatting with Brian on the Orange Pill Addicts podcast. It’s always fun hearing first hand what is being built by Bitcoin Meetup communities around the world, and the Kansas City crew is doing some awesome stuff. If you are ever in town be sure to look them up!

Last but not least, we are now live on Nostr! We would love to have you along for the ride as we explore this new social world together. Be sure to give us a follow at:


What is SHAmory?

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SHAmory recently expanded our product line with the books, Goodnight Bitcoin and If You Give a Monster a Bitcoin. Goodnight Bitcoin tells the story of Satoshi and Hal as they attempt to create the impossible, a new money called Bitcoin. If You Give a Monster a Bitcoin answers the question, “what would happen if you gave the SHAmory monsters a bitcoin?” Read along with your family and friends to learn how this simple act can send our little monsters down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and make the world a better place. You can purchase any of our products directly on our website. Be sure to follow @PlaySHAmory on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.